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Rupprecht Consult Will Be Handed Over to New Owners


On 20 September 2022 Rupprecht Consult announced at the Urban Mobility Days in Brno, Czech Republic a transfer in management and ownership. After 25 years of pioneering work in sustainable urban mobility, Angéla and Siegfried Rupprecht will transfer Rupprecht Consult to Dr Wolfgang Backhaus and Dr Jana Spille, who will become managing directors on 1 Jan 2023.

25 years of pioneering work in sustainable urban mobility  

Over 25 years, Angéla and Siegfried Rupprecht and colleagues at Rupprecht Consult shaped a company that is known worldwide for its well-established expertise in sustainable urban mobility. The development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) concept, the cultivation and management of many CIVITAS projects, the advancement of innovative energy solutions, as well as the pioneering of matters like automation in cities and the furthering of social aspects of mobility, are just a few topics in the Rupprecht portfolio of more than one hundred widely recognised projects. Rupprecht’s is a well-known forum for learning about all these subjects and projects.  

At an event during Urban Mobility Days, Angéla and Siegfried Rupprecht explained the motivation to hand over the company: “We are experiencing major disruptions in our profession, but also more widely in society – new demands, but also a better awareness of the urgency for fundamental changes in our cities. This is a good moment to pass on responsibility for the company. We were lucky having Wolfgang and Jana: they not only understand the details of our business and share our values, they are also full of new ideas and energy! And they will continue Rupprecht Consult as a family business. All this ensures that our work of 25 years will be in good hands!” 

The right skills to lead the company into a successful future 

Dr Wolfgang Backhaus is a well-known face in the Rupprecht Consult network. He has shaped the company for 13 years as leader of the Collective and Intelligent Mobility team. His partner, Dr Jana Spille has a background in business administration. She has been a trainer, advisor, and coach for agility and change management, most recently working especially with municipalities and ministries. Together, they bring an excellent combination of skills to continue the company's success story as a reliable partner in the development of innovations in sustainable urban mobility and climate protection in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.  

Wolfgang Backhaus explains, “We are very happy to take this opportunity and look forward to the new role and the work with our great team. We are committed to maintaining the high-quality standards of the Rupprecht brand, but of course, we will also set new impulses. The company’s network of over one thousand organisations is an excellent basis to build on.” Jana Spille adds, “In my view, Rupprecht Consult does extremely meaningful work: sustainable urban mobility solutions to make cities carbon neutral. My personal drive in this is, enabling cities to act quicker and with greater flexibility. This is a great opportunity, and we appreciate the trust placed in us.” 

A systematic takeover process is already ongoing, and the entire company will be involved. When Wolfgang and Jana take over officially in January 2023, Siegfried and Angéla will remain as advisers to help with the transition into a new Rupprecht era.  

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