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Rupprecht Consult team playing Indonesian Gamelan instruments


On December 20, the team got together at the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum of Ethnology in Cologne.

Hartmut Zänder, an experienced Gamelan player, explained some basic facts about Gamelan orchestras, which are most of all popular on Java and Bali in Indonesia. Then we had a chance to try out all instruments, among them metallophones, xylophones, kendang (drums) and gongs. We were encouraged to improvise and, astonishingly enough, a melodious piece emerged. Afterwards, Mr. Zänder wanted us to understand how “real” Gamelan music is structured and taught us all a short farewell piece, which always signals to guests of Indonesian weddings or other festivities that the party is over. Inspired by the fascinating experience, we kept on singing the piece we had learned and returned to our office where Raweewan Suwanalai and her team had prepared a fantastic four-course Thai meal for us. What an exceptional Christmas party!