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Rupprecht Consult interviewed by German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM)


In the interview, our mission, approaches and main activities were revealed.

"Live as if you lived forever", this principle governs our approach to sustainability. We develop and support democratically legitimated and financially viable concepts which make cities and regions fit for a liveable future. In this context, Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) plays a major role in providing a holistic approach to the challenges cities and regions are facing today. Thus, we will continue to provide our experience and insights, advice and research services to individual cities, regional bodies, national agencies, international organisations etc. A typical example of this mode of working is our support for the Brazilian government to establish national SUMP guidelines. We play similar roles in several European countries, have previously worked in countries as diverse as Russia, Sri Lanka and China. One concrete product we are about to launch is a SUMP (Suatainable Urban Mobility Planning) self-assessment and certification scheme, which assesses the methodical rigour, procedural quality and practical effectiveness of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans – regardless of where they were conducted. Please find the whole interview attached to this news item or read it <link http: rupprecht-consult-interview _blank>here.

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[1] Interview with German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility