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Rupprecht Consult completes study on BEMPs for the Joint Research Centre

26.08.2014 Dr. Ralf Brand
The European Commission is eager to transfer the EMAS concept (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme) from the industry sector, where it originated, to the public sector. To assist public administrations in their effort to improve their achievements in various areas, a series of Sectoral Reference Documents (SRD) is planned, for which the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is responsible. Rupprecht Consult was successful to win a service contract with the JRC in May 2014 to contribute seven so called BEMPs about sustainable mobility to this SRD.
BEMP stands for “Best Environmental Management Practices” and each such document follows an established structure with the following headings: 
  • Description
  • Achieved environmental benefits
  • Appropriate environmental indicators
  • Cross-media effects
  • Operational data
  • Applicability
  • Economics
  • Driving force for implementation
  • Reference organisations
  • References

The seven BEMPs created by Rupprecht Consult are about:
  • Implementing a large scale car sharing scheme (author Bonnie Fenton)
  • Integrating ticketing for public transport (author Ralf Brand)
  • Fostering multimodality (author Kristin Tovaas)
  • Implementing a congestion charge (author Tim Durant)
  • Implementation of City Logistics Service Centres (author Kristin Tovaas)
  • Limiting (free) parking spaces (author Hana Peters)
  • Fostering Cycling and Walking (author Hanna Ljungblad and Michael Koucky from <link http: index.php en contact-us>Koucky & Partners)

The JRC is now compiling these documents into a larger SRD that will also include information and advice about BEMPs for “Sustainable energy and climate change”, “Water consumption and waste water management” and “Sustainable offices.” The final document will be released in early 2015.
Further information about the BEMP approach is available on the <link http: activities emas public_admin.html>related JRC website and, more specifically in the “<link http: activities emas documents publicadministrationbackgroundreport.pdf>Background Report for the Development of the Reference Document on Best Environmental Management Practice in the Public Administration Sector.” Of course, our team at Rupprecht Consult is also happy to elaborate. The project was internally coordinated by Dr. Ralf Brand

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