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Rupprecht Consult at Automated Vehicles Symposium (AVS)


The Automated Vehicles Symposium (AVS) is the world‘s largest gathering of road automation experts. 1.200 representatives from 25 countries met in San Francisco, 19 to 21 July 2016. Among them was also US Transport Secretary Anthony Foxx and the director of the US highway traffic safety administration, Mark R. Rosekind.

AVS 2016 brings together the academic research community, the automated driving industry and policy makers to discuss technologies, regulatory issues as well as policy implications of road automation worldwide. This year‘s event included diverse interactive plenary presentations and breakout sessions, including a session, co-organised by Siegfried Rupprecht about urban road automation prospects: should cities get ready for automated vehicles, or should industry focus on delivering vehicles and services that help to implement urban mobility goals? The session featured presentations from London, Los Angeles, Columbus and Toronto as well as contributions from the International Transport Forum, the US Department of Transport, Toyota Research Institute, Lyft, and Rupprecht Consult. More information about the workshop is available from the conference website [<link http: program breakouts breakout12>]. Siegfried Rupprecht‘s presentation and session summary are here [attached]. More results will be published soon at the conference website.

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[1] AVS16-Session12-Summary-Rupprecht

[1] AVS16-Session12-Transition

US Transport Secretary Anthony Foxx