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PRESTO's lessons learnt brochure out now!

The Lessons Learnt Brochure is the final report of the PRESTO project, summarising its main achievements and recommendations from 33 months of experience and practical knowledge in building cycling cultures in five European cities: Bremen, Grenoble, Tczew, Venice and Zagreb; cities with different cycling conditions, modal splits, starting situations and local challenges.This document sums up our main recommendations for different aspects of cycling infrastructure, cycling promotion and pedelecs, structured by “starter”, “climber” and “champion” cycling cities. It is intended for local and regional authorities across Europe, bicycle retailers, European institutions and NGOs, or anyone who is working on building a cycling culture.Get an English copy right <link http: images llb presto_lessonslearntbrochure_en_web.pdf _blank>here (more language versions are available <link http: en about-presto presto-info _blank>here).

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[1] PRESTO Lessons Learnt Brochure English