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PRESTO cycling fact sheets now available in Russian

11.10.2013 Fenton

Fact sheets on cycling infrastructure and promotion from the PRESTO project are now available in Russian

Through collaboration with the St Petersburg-based cycling organisation, Velosipedisation, five PRESTO fact sheets have been translated into Russian. According to Alexey Pankov, the coordinator of the translation project, “Many questions we're discussing and arguing about have already been answered, many current and potential problems have already been solved. There was no doubt that we needed to make such knowledge available to Russian specialists and students, cyclists and drivers, politicians and officials — to everyone who might have a need and interest in such documents.” Mr Pankov added that they chose the PRESTO fact sheet collection because it's split into manageable-sized stand-alone fact sheets, each fully covering the given topic and the documents are arranged in a very logical and convenient manner. The PRESTO fact sheet collection is currently available in English, German, French, Polish, Croatian, Italian and Ukrainian. Five PRESTO fact sheets on cycling infrastructure and promotion will be on the <link http: en policy-guidelines-a-fact-sheets downloads>PRESTO website in Russian in the the coming days and the rest will follow soon.

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[1] PRESTO Lessons Learnt Brochure English

Alexey Pankov, coordinator of Velosipedisation's PRESTO translation project