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Presentation about TRANSFORuM at SCCER mobility, Zurich


The Swiss high-profile research grouping on mobility invited Ralf Brand for a keynote about the European White Paper on Transport and the TRANSFORuM project.

Ralf Brand delivered a keynote presentation at the 2nd annual <link http:>SCCER mobility conference in Zurich on 26 August 2015. Here is the abstract of his talk: The EU White Paper on Transport: The vision and how to get there. Lessons from TRANSFORuM This talk will introduce the EU White Paper on Transport and the FP7 project TRANSFORuM, which developed “stakeholder-driven” roadmaps towards its implementation. Both the stakeholder consultation process as well as the results (i.e. the content of the roadmaps) will be presented. In 2011 the European Commission released the so called “Transport White Paper” under the full title “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area - Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system.” This 30 page document spells out 10 goals about all aspects of transport that are to be reached by the year 2050. They include the vision to phase out conventionally fuelled cars in cities, to shift 50% of road freight over 300 to rail or waterborne transport, to triple the length of the existing high-speed rail network and others. As desirable (some of) these goals might be, it was far from clear how this vision can be achieved. The EU’s research Framework Programme 7 therefore included a call to establish a “Forum to help implement the future orientation of the overall transport system as defined by the White Paper”. The winning proposal came from a consortium of renowned and independent research organisations and consultancies, which ran the TRANSFORuM project for two years (2013-2014). It pursued the question “Who needs to do what by when?” in consultations with over 200 transport stakeholders through workshops, surveys, interviews, social media conversations etc. The results are four “stakeholder-driven” Roadmaps for four key goals of the Transport White Paper (urban transport; long distance freight; high-speed rail; multimodal transport information, management and payment systems). Each Roadmap specifies concrete measures, identifies related responsibilities and pinpoints crucial milestones. In addition, TRANSFORuM also produced a seminal document with cross-cutting “Recommendations”. They all fall into one of three categories: 1) Increase communication, coordination and regulation, 2) Improve service quality and the efficient use of existing infrastructure and 3) Build new physical infrastructures. The stakeholder-driven TRANSFORuM process clearly highlighted that investments in heavy infrastructure alone will neither be cost-efficient, nor effective. Instead, actions in all three categories are important but they have to be well coordinated.

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