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Policy Paper from CIVITAS SATELLITE Advisory Group on Game Changers published


The Policy Paper on Game Changers is the outcome of the CIVITAS SATELLITE Advisory Group on Game Changers which met four times between 2018 and 2020.

The paper provides a summary of the discussions around (urban mobility related) game changers which the Advisory Group defines as “recent or upcoming developments that change the existing mobility system (i.e. the way mobility is organised, provided, and used) in a significant and often disruptive way.” The paper includes policy recommendations on eight key game changers identified by the Advisory Group: (1) electrification, (2) increased automation and use of C-ITS, (3) growth of data economy, (4) new business concepts for freight and passenger transport, (5) shared mobility, (6) growth of active mobility, (7) changing mindsets and behavioural patterns, and (8) integrated space management. Following the last meeting in June 2020, an addendum on Covid-19 as a game changer was included. Without the requirements or constraints of a specific project context, the recommendations are not exhaustive, but meant to represent suggested priorities. The recommendations are the result of the specific processes of the Advisory Group and are intended to stimulate further debate rather than serve as a final comprehensive set of recommendations.

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[1] CIVITAS SATELLITE Policy Paper Advisory Group Game Changers