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New SUTP publication on „Urban Mobility Plans“ launched at BAQ/EST 2014 in Colombo


The publication was co-authored by Susanne Böhler-Baedeker of Rupprecht Consult.

On November 19, the latest SUTP technical document “Urban Mobility Plans – National Approaches and Local Practice” has been launched at the Integrated Conference “Better Air Quality 2014 & 8th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum” in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The document reviews approaches for Urban Mobility Plans (UMP) from various countries and showcases a growing number of examples calling for a shift away from the traditional, infrastructure-oriented approach towards sustainable and people-oriented planning. Urban Mobility Plans are used as planning tool and policy instrument to guide the development of transport in urban areas and surrounding regions. In several countries, such as Brazil, France and India the development of Urban Mobility Plans has become an obligatory requirement for receiving national government funds for urban transport projects. The paper’s intention is to support local policy-makers and planners in shaping urban mobility planning processes and policies in an effective and inclusive manner. The publication has been co-authored by Susanne Böhler-Baedeker (Rupprecht Consult), Christopher Kost (ITDP) and Mathias Merforth (GIZ), with vital inputs from Kartik Kumar (GIZ) and further contributors from various countries. Soon, the document will be available in Spanish and Portuguese as well.  

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[1] SUTP publication on Urban Mobility Plans