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New SUMP Self-Assessment tool out now


You would like to develop a SUMP, but don't know where to start? You would like to evaluate the status of mobility planning in your city and receive tailored feedback how to further improve?

Especially in the beginning of a SUMP process, evaluating a city's or region's planning status has proven to be helpful. The SUMP Self-Assessment provides custom-made questions to assess the current situation of an urban mobility plan compared to SUMP standards. Individual feedback is given to help identify potential areas of improvement, to reassure areas that are already following the SUMP principles and to provide specific measures on how to further continue with the process. 
The updated Self-Assessment tool is based on the new SUMP Guidelines and includes: 

- Tailor-made sets of questions for different starting points and conditionsfor those who want to assess the quality of a completed SUMP and for those who want to assess the quality of general mobility planning activities before starting a SUMP or throughout the process

- Targeted questions also for the regional level 

- Extended feedback section that provides individual assessment, advice, links to further readings and suitable good practices to users after completing the questionnaire.

Try out the new self-assessment tool here:  <link http: external link in new>