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New project started: The CyclePoetic City


Rupprecht Consult participates in the new Erasmus+ project "The CyclePoetic City". This somewhat unconventional title indicates the project underlying assumption that sustainable mobility in general and cycling in particular is not only a rational form of getting from A to B but a cultural expression. We support this project with a brand new e-course to train trainers in Italy so that they are better able to promote cycling culture.

Cycling as a culture means that cycling is understood as a complex social practice with components such as skills, know-how, confidence, pride, aesthetics, political and historical awareness, social dynamics, reputation, equipment, gadgets, music, film, art, etc. The project will therefore equip a core group of young people in Italy (primarily in Florence) with an appreciation and knowledge about such a comprehensive notion of cycling and thus to enable them to spread the word, the sight, the sound, the feeling – in short: the culture of cycling to many others. We are involved in all of the project's three actions. Our main contribution will be to action 1, which revolves around the development and delivery of an e-course about sustainable mobility with a focus on cycling as a cultural expression. Corresponding elements of the curriculum therefore touch upon cycling history, safety, myth busting, best practice, artistic expressions, cycling communities, gender aspects and much more. The course will be available on an open-source platform (action 2) to whose wider structure we also contribute. We also play a part in the hands-on training delivery to the local core group in Italy (action 3).

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