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New project started: Rupprecht supports the Hannover region in the implementation of an on-demand service (Sprinti)


In December 2021 Rupprecht Consult started to support the Hannover region in their implementation process of an on-demand service in peripheral areas in the region. The name of the service: Sprinti.

Sprinti is an on-demand bus service that runs in the Hannover region. The goal of the service is to increase the accessibility and attractiveness of public transport in the region and to achieve emission savings. Currently available in three municipalities in the Hannover region, Sprinti provides a reliable and sustainable mobility solution to people in peripheral areas. The long-term goal is to expand Sprinti throughout the whole Hannover region.  To evaluate the current Sprinti service, Rupprecht Consult develops a set of indicators to assess its effectiveness, attractiveness and sustainability. The goal is to identify success factors and barriers in the operation to prepare Hannover region for a region-wide implementation of the on-demand service. Rupprecht Consult will develop a transfer strategy so to ensure the sustainability of the service.  

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