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New German National Cycling Plan refers to PRESTO

The German Government approved today the National Cycling Plan 2020 (Nationaler Radverkehrsplan 2020 NRVP)

With this plan the German Government wants to stimulate sustainable mobility and to strengthen the attractiveness of cities and towns. The key elements of the NRVP 2020 are
  • awareness raising and take-up of innovative measures and pilot projects for a wide spread cycling promotion,
  • integration of electromobility (pedelecs)
  • improvement of transport safety
 The NRVP 2020 says that the different starting positions determine how cities and towns can define their cycling strategy and which measures and campaigns are the most appropriate for promoting cycling and increasing the modal share. The NRVP 2020 refers to the classification of "starter cities", "climber cities" and "champion cities" which <link http: en home _blank>PRESTO had applied for developing trainings, fact sheets and policy guides. This classification has been developed by the PRESTO partners European Cyclists' Federation and Ligtermoet & Partners in the BYPAD project. The <link http: cae servlet contentblob publicationfile nationaler-radverkehrsplan-2020.pdf _blank radverkehrsplan>NRVP 2020 uses this classification model also for the recommendations and guidelines which address the different challenges and requirements of these three levels as well as for the future national funding and an estimation of investment and promotion costs. The NRVP 2020 covers the following areas of intervention and action:
  1. Development and Planning of Cycling
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Transport Safety
  4. Communication
  5. Cycling Tourism
  6. Electro Mobility
  7. Intermodality with other transport means
  8. Mobility and transport education
  9. Quality assurance

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[1] PRESTO Lessons Learnt Brochure English

Cover page of the new German Cycling Plan and excerpt of the PRESTO classification of cycling cities