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New findings on SUMP development captured in CH4LLENGE’s final report


The CH4LLENGE project, coordinated by Rupprecht Consult, has been successfully concluded after three years of in-depth research of mobility planning practices and SUMP take-up support for planning authorities.

CH4LLENGE examined the four most pressing challenges in the development, implementation and assessment of SUMPs: actively engaging people and stakeholders in the SUMP process; encouraging cooperation among institutional actors; selecting the most effective packages of measures; and finally, strengthening plan delivery through comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of SUMP measures and processes. In twelve ambitious pilot schemes, CH4LLENGE Partner Cities Amiens, Brno, Budapest, Dresden, Ghent, Krakow, Timisoara, West Yorkshire and Zagreb successfully tested solutions to overcoming these challenges.
In order to promote the SUMP concept and facilitate its take-up across Europe, CH4LLENGE’s SUMP expert team advised 26 Follower Cities on kicking-off SUMP development and progressing in existing SUMP activities. In addition, CH4LLENGE offered training on sustainable urban mobility planning to more than 700 mobility practitioners and young professionals. Based on the lessons learned from the pilot schemes, Follower Cities and training activities, CH4LLENGE developed a wide range of new SUMP knowledge resources (e.g. four SUMP Kits).
CH4LLENGE's final report presents the project's lessons learned and key findings. All project outputs including the SUMP Kits, can be downloaded from the <link http:>CH4LLENGE and <link http:>Eltis websites.

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CH4LLENGE's final report