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Last Mile Logistics conference in Frankfurt on December 9


The CIVITAS network for the German-speaking regions of Europe is organising the event together with HOLM and IHK Frankfurt (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Rapid growth of cities, increasing popularity of online shopping and the progressive traffic density in agglomerations are serious challenges for politicians and the economy, especially on the local Level. How can fast, close to home, low-emission supply of the inhabitants be combined with the demand for a liveable city? Which path has to be taken by local politicians, companies, trade and logistics in Frankfurt to raise awareness for the relevance of freight traffic in a city the Population of which has grown by approximately 70,000 inhabitants over the last 15 years? The conference will try to answer these questions in German and English. You can register by sending an email to Bianca Martin: <link> More Information:<link http: de last-mile-logistics-conference-das-danish-transport-innovation-network-praesentiert-das-urban>  

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[1] Last Mile Logistics Conference