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INTERREG IVB: PUMAS project approved in the Alpine Space

Venice, Torino, Munich, Lyon, Vienna, Nova Gorica, FernUni in Hagen and UIRS have submitted the PUMAS project in the final call of the Alpine Space Programme. The programme has approved the joint proposal on 28 June 2012. The project will start in September 2012 and end in June 2015. Alpine Space cities face common urban mobility challenges which call for innovative & cost-effective mobility solutions. PUMAS (Planning sustainable regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space) offers these solutions. It coordinates the development of the sustainable regional-urban mobility planning (SUMP) concept which the EC strongly promotes and, in its 2011 Transport White Paper, even suggests as a mandatory approach.
The PUMAS partnership is a complementary consortium aiming to:
  • advance SUMP, which focuses on participation, integration, evaluation, and cost internalisation, as a new paradigm in mobility planning;
  • develop, implement & evaluate 6 pilots using SUMP methods and tools;
  • generate best practice and lessons for others in the AS and beyond;
  • improve the awareness, exchange, coordination & development of regional-urban mobility plans (freight & passenger) through an innovative communication platform;
  • create the Alpine SUMP Community & the National and Alpine Reference Point for SUMP in Slovenia, thus guaranteeing sustainability beyond the lifetime of the project.

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