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Great success of the first ELIPTIC - CiViTAS webinar


The first ELIPTIC - CiViTAS webinar took place on the 29th of April 2016. The webinar was entitled “Optimised braking energy recovery in electric public transport systems” and it is the first of a series of three scheduled throughout the ELIPTIC project.

The webinar was attended by more than 30 professionals belonging to public transport operators, the industry sector and academy from all over Europe. The topic of braking energy recovery technologies as an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency in public transport systems like metro, light rail/tram or trolleybus networks was presented. Different technologies in this field are part of the work in the use cases of Pillar B “Innovative energy storage systems to increase operational efficiency” of the ELIPTIC project. After a short introduction into the work of the ELIPTIC project by Wolfgang Backhaus, Rupprecht Consult, and the objectives and use cases related to the webinar’s topic by Daniela Carbone and Veronica Usai from <link http: _blank>ASSTRA (Italy), the presenters Ricardo Barrero and Mikolaj Bartlomiejczyk from the public transport companies <link http: _blank>STIB (Brussels), respectively <link http: _blank>PKT (Gdynia) have presented braking energy recovery technologies for metro and trolleybus systems. They explained their development background from the European projects Ticket to Kyoto (<link http: _blank>Interreg NWE) and <link http: content dynmo _blank>CiViTAS DYN@MO, and show experiences with their systems in operation, as well as the first results in terms of increased operational efficiency. The supporting presentations for the webinar are now available for download below. You can also see the recording of the webinar <link https: channel _blank>here.

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