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Get together with students from University of Texas at Austin


During a study trip to Europe, professor Ming Zhang and a group of students from the Community and Regional Planning programme at University of Texas at Austin (UT) met with Ralf Brand in our offices to foster international university - business relations.

Students of the UT at Austin visited our offices on February 13 to learn more about the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning concept. They are looking to become professionals in the area of Community and Regional Planning, which is the name of their study programme. Their professor, Ming Zhang recently approached Siegfried Rupprecht after his SUMP presentation at the TRB conference in Washington DC, USA.
Our colleague Ralf Brand, who is an UT alumni and obtains a PhD in exactly the same programme, obviously wore his Texan cowboy boots and engaged in a two hour discussion with this eager and clever group of students. Thanks for your visit y'all!

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Students from UT at Austin and Ralf Brand