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First Train-the-Trainer Workshop on eco-driving for tram driving instructors was held in Leipzig


Not only do professional drivers and driving instructors benefit from periodic practical training, but also the project coordinators are given hours of hands-on training. Our colleague and ACTUATE project coordinator Wolfgang Backhaus set a good example and trained eco-driving behaviour in Leipzig.

On the 22nd of May, <link http:>LeipzigerAus- und Weiterbildungsbetriebe(LAB)and <link http:>LeipzigerVerkehrsbetriebe (LVB) organised the first Train-the-Trainer Workshop on eco-driving for tram driving instructors in Leipzig. In preparation for the training, LAB and LVB developed the ACTUATE eco-driving training materials, trained about 30 internal multipliers and started to train all 600 of their tram drivers. The event was subsequent to an earlier training for driving instructors of tram, light rail and metro drivers of <link http:>The Academy of the German Association of Public Transport Companies - VDV Academy. The four German external tram companies that participated were: <link http: index.php>AugsburgerVerkehrsgesellschaftmbH (AVG), <link http:>StädtischeVerkehrsbetriebe Zwickau GmbH, <link http:>DuisburgerVerkehrsgesellschaft AG and <link http:>StuttgarterStraßenbahnen AG. The participants discussed over the eco-driving training concept and materials and exchanged on their experiences in the area of eco-driving techniques and energy-efficiency. Participants identified two main challenges in implementing periodic eco-driving trainings: the lack of adequate on-board measurement equipment for an impact evaluation of the eco-driving training programme and ways to implement the training within their companies. The workshop closed with a practical, on-board demonstration of eco-driving, supported by the driving instructors from Leipzig. The next training will be organized in Leipzig on September 10, 2014. Please contact us for more details.

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