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First TANGENT on-site workshop in Lisbon!


We held our first TANGENT onsite workshop this week in Lisbon with project partners and local stakeholders.

The goal of this workshop was to establish a first contact with key local stakeholders and get their valuable input and insights on key points regarding the definition of the case study and the specifics of the local transport network system.  In addition to presenting the project and the details of the Case Study, partners and stakeholders were able to delve into defining a vision canva for Lisbon and conduct a first analysis of the local transport system requirements in terms of:

  •     Technological design and information system
  •     Organisational structure, decision-making and control systems
  •     People, tasks and innovation management

This workshop took place within the structure of our work package where Rupprecht Consult is leading and developing multi-actor cooperation models and processes. 

This is the first of many workshops that will be held as part of our work package in the TANGENT project. The next one will be held in Rennes on March 29th and in Manchester on April 28th. 

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