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Eurotransport magazine features article about TRANSFORuM


"The Roadmap to achieve EU goals on urban mobility" is the title of an article written by seven TRANSFORuM team members in the latest issue of the Eurotransport magazine.

The abstract of the paper starts as follows: "Is it possible to change urban mobility in Europe to achieve ambitious sustainability goals? If so, who should do what by when? These questions are answered in a new Roadmap on urban mobility prepared as part of the European FP7 research project TRANSFORuM." This article is co-authored by seven members of the TRANSFORuM team, more specifically of the so-called "thematic group" working on urban mobility, including the project coordinator, a colleague at Rupprecht Consult. Access is free at <link http: _blank>

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