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ELIPTIC holds first User Forum workshop in Berlin


Public transport operators, authorities and cities met on 13 November in Berlin to discuss the needs and requirements for optimizing electric public transport in the 1st ELIPTIC User Forum.

This first workshop served as an introduction to the ELIPTIC project and brought together participants seen as frontrunners in electric public transport. Via the User Forum, the ELIPTIC project will follow the progress made in these cities and will enlarge the assessment and validation of the ELIPTIC concepts and results.

The workshop started with a welcome note and department presentation by the host, Technical University of Berlin, delivered by Prof. Dietmar Goehlich. In the run up to the workshop, all participants were surveyed about their fleet composition, energy consumption monitoring tool, priorities for e-mobility and interests in ELIPTIC. The results of the survey were presented during the workshop.


Highlight of the day was a working session on the drivers and obstacles of each of the ELIPTIC thematic pillars. This produced outcomes on business cases, standardization, energy efficiency and legal factors that will feed back into ELIPTIC.


The User Forum ended with a site visit to Berlin's Südkreuz Intelligent Mobility Station, where the inductive charging infrastructure of E-Bus Berlin line 204 and smart-grid for charging e-cars, pedelecs and powered by locally generated renewable energy was shown.

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