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ELIPTIC Consortium meeting and User Forum meeting in Gdynia


60 practitioners in the field of innovative electric public transport gathered in Poland to exchange their experience within the ELIPTIC project.

ELIPTIC is a European innovation and research project to test innovative approaches to the electrification of public transport in 20 so called “use cases” across 11 European cities. Over 60 representatives of the involved public transport operators, technical support partners, research and coordination organisations gathered in Gdynia, Poland from 8 to 10 June 2016. They exchanged their experience so far since the beginning of the project in June 2015 with various techniques to utilise the electricity from existing subway and tram networks for the charging of battery-operated buses, with new hybrid trolley-battery buses, with the recuperation, usage and storage of braking energy and with various other aspects of new ways to integrate electric public transport smoothly into existing urban infrastructures. On the last day of the meeting, 20 representatives of the ELIPTIC USER FORUM from 13 countries across Europe met. The User Forum creates an opportunity for ELIPTIC partners to learn from the experience of other cities that are moving forward in electrification of public transport and for the User Forum members to profit from the research and implementation taking place within the project. The group looked at the various levels of cooperation required to establish wide-spread electrification, the barriers and open questions they still face and how they are working to overcome them. Rupprecht Consult, together with the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is responsible for the coordination of the ELIPTIC project, for the organisation and moderation of the User Forum and for the Process Evaluation of ELIPTIC.

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ELIPTIC User Forum members visited the Gdynia Power Dispatch Management Centre