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E-course: Integration of urban nodes in the TEN-T corridors


The Urban Nodes online course has been developed and made available via a recent study conducted for the European Commission (DG MOVE) and coordinated by Rupprecht Consult. Interested stakeholders can find information on what is the current role of the urban nodes in the European context, what funding opportunities are available and they can even test the step wise methodology developed in this study to assess measures in the local context.

The Urban Nodes e-course is about how to improve the efficiency of the transport system in an urban node of the TEN-T core network. It offers an overview of the urban node concept and its benefits, describes the ever-growing importance of urban nodes in the TEN-T context, looks at the methods to assess the most cost-efficient transport measures and presents four case studies and their evaluation experience (urban nodes Genoa, Rotterdam, Helsinki and Ljubljana). This course focuses on helping cities with an urban node role on one of the nine core TEN-T corridors to become more familiarised with the processes involved in transport planning in the TEN-T context. The aim is to present the European policy context that is the framework for mobility planning and investments, while illustrating how a smart selection of transport  measures contribute to achieving a better connectivity between different transport modes, as well as between long-distance and urban/peri-urban/regional traffic. To access the course, visit <link https: course>mobility academy.

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