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Decision Makers Summary on SUMP Guidelines out now


In order to make the SUMP Guidelines more accessible, we have created an interactive summary that contains the most relevant take-aways for decision makers of the SUMP Guidelines' 2nd edition.

In only 10 pages, the general idea of SUMP is explained, the principles underlaying the planning process are described and a brief introduction of the four SUMP phases is given. Decision makers get an overview over the benefits of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, as well as guidance of how to start a SUMP process.
The summary can be used as an introduction in the urban mobility planning process. Aiming to give a brief overview and to convince stakeholders of the relevance of developing a SUMP, it provides easy access to any interested parties. You can download the summary here: <link https: sites default files sump_decision_makers_summary_interactive_high.pdf _blank external link in new> have a look at the complete SUMP Guidelines here: <link https: sites default files sump-guidelines-2019_mediumres.pdf _blank external link in new>