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Cycling project PRESTO ends successfully

The cycling project PRESTO - promoting cycling as a daily transport mode - funded in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme ended in January 2012 after 33 months of successful transnational cooperation between 12 European partner organisations. The project's success stories encompass the publication of 4 policy guides and 25 fact sheets on cycling promotion, infrastructure and pedelecs (in different languages), 7 e-learning courses for starter cycling cities and a number of local activities in the five PRESTO cities Bremen, Grenoble, Tczew, Venice and Zagreb. The project's final meeting took place in December 2011 in Cologne. A final brochure - prepared in 6 languages - presents the project's lessons learnt and recommendations (download it below).
Rupprecht Consult was the coordinator of PRESTO. More information on PRESTO:

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[1] PRESTO Lessons Learnt Brochure English