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COVID-19 SUMP practitioner briefing now online

Over the past few months, societies have been overwhelmed by a global crisis, which affected and disrupted mobility systems. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, cities and regions have had to adapt their mobility systems at an unprecedented rate and scale. To handle the challenges posed by the crisis, local authorities need guidance and support in navigating and adapting to new conditions and ensuring the sustainable mobility is prioritised in a shifting urban landscape. During such a crisis period that directly affects mobility, and where immediate action is required, SUMP could serve as the leading process for local and regional coordination of mobility measure implementation. In June, the <link https: project civitas-satellite.html external-link-new-window external link in new>CIVITAS SATELLITE project led the preparation of a <link https: wp-content uploads covid-19-sumppractitionersbriefing_final.pdf external-link-new-window external link in new>COVID-19 SUMP Practitioner Briefing, now available online. The document was developed in cooperation with SATELLITE partners as well as the Handshake and SUMP PLUS projects over the course of several weeks. A rigorous review and stakeholder consultation provided further input to ensure that the guidance provides helpful information and advice for local authorities. This SUMP practitioner briefing includes lessons learned for immediate, mid-term and longer-term actions that European cities and regions have developed and are still developing now as the crisis continues. The document provides a first quick scan of good practice examples and SUMP-related issues. It also presents critical hurdles and solutions for the planning process. A longer, more in-depth guidance document on the topic of SUMPs and COVID-19 is planned for publication in autumn 2020.

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[1] SATELLITE COVID-19 SUMP Practitioner Briefing