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CoEXist's Automation-ready Framework Presented at the mobil.TUM 2018 Conference


The conference was held on 13-14 June 2018 in Munich, Germany.

The <link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>h2020 CoEXist project was represented by <link>Syrus Gomari, who gave a paper presentation on the "Automation-ready framework for urban transport and road infrastructure planning". The paper was presented as part of the session on "System Transition and Behavioural Change". The session followed a fishbowl style format where the audience had the chance to come up on the stage and take a seat among the 6 (of which 5 were initially occupied by the presenters) arranged for the discussion round. During the session, first, each of the presenters had to present his/her paper in 5 minutes and the rest of the time was used for discussions which was facilitated by a moderator. Overall, the discussions stirred into a direction of how can we ensure mobility in cities remain sustainable and not fall back into the trap of a car-dominant city, but rather have a pedestrian or cycle-friendly city that is more livable. The arguments made ranged from the research end up until the practical implementation of different measures in cities. Syrus mainly introduced the CoEXist project and discussed the concept behind defining different coexistence phases from the urban mobility planning and policy point of view. He also briefly presented how the modelling and simulation aspects of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) can be categorised into different stages with different market penetration rates of CAVs considering the different functionalities that are going to be available in the vehicles as the technology matures within the phases.The paper presented at the conference will be part of the CoEXist deliverable named "Automation-ready Framework"; the first version will be available in the next months to come.

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