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CoEXist presented at the 1st ART Projects Workshop


On 12th December 2017 Bernard Gyergyay (Rupprecht Consult) and Johan Olstam (VTI) represented the CoEXist project at the 1st ART Projects Workshop, which took place at the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) in Brussels.

The workshop provided 15 ART projects with an opportunity to introduce themselves and to fully exploit the potential synergies among them. The focus was very much on encouraging cooperation between projects on activities in the areas of common interest in the wider ART framework. Apart from CoEXist, these projects were present at the workshop: SCOUT, BRAVE, interact, TrustVehicle, Inframix, TransAID, 5GCAR, Autopilot, L3Pilot, ADASandME, VI-DAS, MAVEN, AutoMate, CARTRE.

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