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CIVINET Assembly in Bielefeld


Members of the CIVITAS network for the German-speaking regions of Europe gathered on May 20 Mai in Bielefeld.

The idea of the CIVINETs is to allow their members to get to know and better assess concepts and experiences of other cities as well as European mobility policies and plannning concepts and their effects on the members‘ own Situation – in their mother tongue. In Bielefeld, members were informed about the latest developments of the CIVITAS network for the German-speaking regions in Europe and the annual CIVINET programme was presented and discussed. Furthermore, the participants discussed the challenges they all face in creating future-oriented, sustainable urban transport. The Urban Mobility Package, published by the European Commission, was of major interest here. In this context, the afternoon was dedicated to a conference on rail-bound public transport, presenting the concrete example of the City of Bielefeld, right after the CIVINET Meeting.

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