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All TRANSFORuM results out now in four different formats.


We are proud to present the main project outputs in a whole range of formats.

Regardless of how much time you have, how intensively you wish to engage with the results of the TRANSFORuM project and where you are right now, there is a version of our project results that's suitable for you. These different formats are:

  • "<link http: transforum nuggets.html>nuggets" in mere bullet points
  • 10 minute interactive <link http: resources library.html>digest versions
  • ca. 10 page <link http: resources library.html>summaries
  • compilation of all summaries in one document ("<link http: fileadmin user_upload transforum-the-essence.pdf>The Essence")
  • full versions of four <link http: resources library.html>Roadmaps, <link http: fileadmin user_upload transforum_recommendations.pdf>Recommendations and <link http: fileadmin user_upload transforum_strategic_oulook.pdf>Strategic Outlook
TRANSFORuM was an FP7 project to support the implementation of the EU Transport White Paper. It provided a platform for stakeholders of all areas of the European Transport sector to develop a common view and strategies of how four key goals of the 2011 White Paper on Transport can be achieved. Our underlying assumptions were that policy making should be based on an in-depth understanding of all stakeholders' positions and that co-ordinated action is more effective than any solo attempts can ever be.

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[1] TRANSFORuM Summary of the "Recommendations on Joint Actions across Thematic Areas"

[1] TRANSFORuM Summary of the "Strategic Outlook" - covering mainly the period beyond 2030

[1] TRANSFORuM Summary of the Roadmap on clean urban mobility

[1] TRANSFORuM Summary of the Roadmap on high-speed rail

[1] TRANSFORuM Summary of the Roadmap on long-distance freight

[1] TRANSFORuM Summary of the Roadmap on multimodal information, management and payment systems


TRANSFORuM outputs overview table
TRANSFORuM outputs overview table