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2nd SUMP Training Empowers Turkish Metropolitan Municipalities Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility


Unveiling Insights: Ankara Hosts 2nd SUMP Training for Sustainable Urban MobilityAnkara recently became the nucleus of sustainable urban mobility discussions as it welcomed the 2nd SUMP training session under the SUMP Türkiye project. With representatives from Turkish metropolitan municipalities and ministries in attendance, the event unveiled practical strategies and shared experiences to drive greener, more resilient cities. Stay tuned for highlights from this collaborative endeavor! #SustainableUrbanMobilityPlanning #SUMP #SUMPTürkiye

In the dynamic landscape of urban development, sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) emerges as a pivotal framework for fostering resilient and eco-friendly urban environments. Recently, between 06-07 March, we conducted the 2nd SUMP training session in Ankara as part of the SUMP Türkiye project, bolstered by the steadfast support of the Union of Municipalities TBB.

Gathering approximately 30 representatives from Turkish metropolitan municipalities alongside ministry delegates, the training session provided an invaluable platform for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange. With a keen focus on practical guidance, tools, and best practices, the event delved into the nuances of SUMP development, particularly emphasizing the critical aspect of implementing SUMP measures effectively.

Throughout the intensive session, participants explored essential components vital for driving tangible change on the ground. Discussions revolved around establishing appropriate governance structures, devising effective funding mechanisms, refining data collection and modelling approaches, and elucidating the pivotal role of national support in SUMP initiatives.

A hallmark of the training was the rich space it provided for peer-to-peer learning and sharing of experiences. Front-runner cities in Turkey's urban landscape, including Kocaeli, Izmir, and the host city Ankara, openly shared their triumphs, tribulations, and invaluable lessons learned along their SUMP journey. This transparent exchange of insights was immensely valued by participants, offering practical guidance and inspiration for municipalities navigating their own SUMP endeavors.

As urban centers worldwide grapple with the imperative of sustainable mobility, initiatives like the SUMP Türkiye project underscore Turkey's commitment to fostering innovative solutions and collaborative approaches towards building greener, more resilient cities. With the empowerment gained from such training sessions, Turkish metropolitan municipalities are poised to lead the charge towards a more sustainable urban future.

We would like to thank the international experts who joined us: László Sándor Kerényi, Marko Stančec and the local experts: Prof. Hediye Tüydeş and Volkan Recai Çetin. The training organisation and coordination was lead by our colleague Katy Huaylla with the invaluable support of our local team, Seçil Kocatepe, Zeynep Kilic, Gamze Orzaslan and many others.