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200 participants from 56 countries join the SOLUTIONS online course on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans


SOLUTIONS is offering six free online courses, moderated by experts in the field and offering opportunities to connect to mobility practitioners from all over the world through each course’s online discussion forum.

The EU SOLUTIONS project launched the first of six online courses this Monday, 9 February. The SUMP course has attracted participants from all inhabitable continents who are interested in learning more about sustainable urban mobility planning and how it can be applied in their country or city's context. Participants range from urban planners, transport planners, engineers, students, teachers, architects and professionals from NGOs and other organisations which advise cities.
The course News forum offers participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights on urban mobility planning in their home city while learning from others' experiences in the field. Forum posts are structured according to each Unit's assigned tasks, which ask participants to apply what they have learned in the Unit while providing plenty of room for creativity.We've already gotten to know over 70 participants who have introduced themselves and their cities on the forum. Interested in joining us? You can register at any time on the <link http: resources e-learning _blank>SOLUTIONS website.Course topics:
  • Sustainable Public Transportation
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • City Logistics
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Network Management
  • Clean Vehicles – Electric vehicles for cleaner cities

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