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100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 – EU Commission announces the 100 selected Mission Cities


Rupprecht Consult is proud to have been a former or current project partner for 65 of the Mission Cities

377 cities from all EU Member States as well as nine associated countries and countries negotiating association submitted an expression of interest to participate in the EU Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission. After an evaluation of the submissions, the Commission announced on 28 April the the 100 cities that will participate in the so-called Cities Mission. The 100 cities come from all 27 Member States, with 12 additional cities coming from countries associated or in the process of being associated to Horizon Europe.

The 100 selected cities are now being invited to develop Climate City Contracts, which will include an overall plan for climate neutrality across all sectors such as energy, buildings, waste management and transport, together with related investment plans. This process will involve citizens, research organisations and the private sector.

The clear and visible commitments made by the cities in the Climate City Contracts will enable them to engage with the EU, national and regional authorities – and most importantly with their own citizens to deliver on this ambitious objective. Climate City Contracts will be co-created with local stakeholders and citizens, with the help of a Mission Platform (which is currently managed by the project NetZeroCities in which Rupprecht Consult is a partner). 

The Mission Platform will provide the necessary technical, regulatory, and financial assistance to cities. In total, Horizon Europe will invest around €360 million in research and innovation actions linked to the Mission (e.g., in mobility, energy, urban planning) in the period 2021-23.

Rupprecht Consult is proud to have been a former or current project partner for 65 of the Mission Cities, either by having implemented European projects jointly in a consortium with these cities, many of these projects coordinated/ managed by our company, or by having consulted these cities on sustainable urban mobility.

Below is the list of cities, Rupprecht Consult has worked with over the years:

EU Cities:

Austria: Klagenfurt

Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven

Bulgaria: Gabrovo, Sofia

Denmark: Aarhus, Copenhagen

Estonia: Tartu

Finland: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku

France: Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon, Nantes, Paris

Germany: Aachen, Dortmund, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich

Greece: Athens, Ioannina, Thessaloniki

Hungary: Budapest

Ireland: Cork, Dublin

Italy: Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Padova, Parma, Rome, Turin

Latvia: Riga

Lithuania: Vilnius

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Helmond, Groningen, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht

Poland: Krakow, Warsaw

Portugal: Guimarães, Lisbon, Porto

Romania: Bucharest

Slovakia: Bratislava

Slovenia: Ljubljana

Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Sweden: Gävle, Gothenburg, Stockholm

Cities from associated countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo

Norway: Oslo

Turkey: Izmir