Learning & exchange

Mobility Academy

We operate a platform for e-learning where you can find a broad variety of courses.



Learning & exchange

Innovation is only valuable insofar as the knowledge gained is shared and built upon by implementers and other multipliers in order to bring it closer to the mainstream.

We regularly plan, organise and facilitate learning and exchange opportunities to do just that. These come in the form of:

  • Face-to-face thematic workshops, conferences, twinning programmes for practitioners

  • Online learning opportunities such as interactive webinars and moderated online courses on our Mobility Academy

  • Learning packages consisting of on- and offline elements


  • Series of workshops for 50 cities in TIDE project’s Circle of Innovative Cities

  • Organisation, content development and moderation of the European SUMP conference in  2014, 2015 and 2016

  • FLOW outreach strategy with 6 partner cities, 9 exchange cities, 12 market forerunners

  • CH4LLENGE e-courses on SUMP participation, evaluation, measure selection, institutional cooperation

  • SOLUTIONS international SUMP online courses

  • PRESTO e-courses on promotion of cycling in cities

  • Online decision maker briefings on EU Transport White Paper Action Plans



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