SUMPs-Up is the European Programme for accelerating the take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.  An experienced consortium of public and private organisations, including four major city networks and seven front-runner cities will review, strengthen and integrate existing resources, designing a support system to assist cities to develop high quality SUMPs.


Project details

Duration 09/2016 - 03/2020


Coordinator ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability GmbH

Project goal

The leading objective for SUMPs-Up is to enable mobility planning authorities across Europe to embrace SUMP as the European-wide strategic planning approach, especially in countries where the take-up is low and the negative effects of transport are severe. To meet this goal, SUMPs-Up provides a comprehensive programme for accelerating the take-up of SUMPs that will:

  • analyse and verify specific take-up needs for SUMPs in European local authorities;
  • identify the most effective tools for SUMP development and actively support their take-up in several types of cities
  • assist cities in designing and packaging SUMP policies and measures to achieve their identified goals
  • foster knowledge-transfer and peer-to-peer exchange on SUMP development and implementation
  • maximise the number of high-quality SUMPs in Europe;
  • support national governments and multipliers in developing facilitating structures for SUMP
  • highlight SUMP benefits by evaluating its impacts, and optimise SUMP support activities by assessing the impacts of the project, its tools and guidance;
  • actively publicise the SUMP approach and tools, showcase the learning experience of SUMPs-Up cities

Role of Rupprecht Consult

In SUMPs-Up, Rupprecht Consult has the following main roles:

  • supporting project coordination (e.g. management, quality control, risk management)
  • leading the work package on identifying and assessing the most effective tools and methods to support and enhance the SUMP planning process, including
    • creating a comprehensive SUMP Tools Inventory
    • authoring guidance for different types of cities on tool options
    • coordinating and advising partner cities in process-related pilot schemes
    • updating the SUMP Guidelines with new content sections and local case examples
    • further developing the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool (developed by Rupprecht Consult in 2015, available on the Mobility Academy)
    • supporting cities in SUMP realisation, e.g. by means of SUMP action plans
    • managing, together with city network Polis, the SUMPs-Up Innovation Pilot Pool to identify and validate the most effective concepts, approaches and methodologies in SUMP practice
    • leading the project’s peer-to-peer exchange activities (Urban Learning Alliances) with interactive online learning & exchange on RC’s Mobility Academy, complemented by face-to-face training events; supporting city network UBC in setting up a capacity development programme for individual mobility practitioners

In addition, Rupprecht Consult is majorly involved in identifying the needs of take-up cities; supporting cities in SUMP realisation, e.g. by means of SUMP action plans; fostering dialogue on SUMP within and between the EU’s Member States; and supporting city-level SUMP monitoring and impact evaluation.

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