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Unleashing the innovation potential of public transport as backbone of urban mobility: UPPER project has been launched


UPPER, the project where Rupprecht Consult is a core partners, aims bringing forth a public transport revolution that will reaffirm the role of public transport as the flagship of sustainability and innovation of mobility in cities. The project is strongly linked with the Cities Mission goals, and supports the transition towards zero-emission mobility as the core of climate-neutral mobility by 2030.

UPPER will put the Public Transport at the centre of the mobility ecosystem by implementing a combination of 84 push and pull measures, acting on the five innovation axes that condition users’ choices: mindset and culture, urban mobility planning, mobility services ecosystem, road network management and democratic governance.


UPPER measures will be supported by the UPPER Measures Implementation Support Toolkit (U-TWIN, U-SIM, U-NEED, U-GOV, U-KNOW, U-TRANSFER and U-SUMP) and demonstrated in the five UPPER living labs and five twinning sites, with the overall target of increasing the use of public transport by >30% and the user satisfaction by >25%, leaving nobody behind in the process. This integrated and holistic approach will ease the cooperation among authorities and operators, offer a physical and digital environment to test the measures, update the existing SUMPs, optimise the PT offer in line with user needs and patterns, involve the users in the overall mobility decision chain, trigger the behavioural change in favour of Public Transport and achieve an attractive, efficient, reliable, safe, inclusive and affordable Public Transport system in line with the concept of Mobility as a Right (MaaR).


A big spotlight in UPPER will be on participative governance and involving citizens, ensuring decisions are made in concert with and cater to the needs of different target groups.


To achieve its ambitious goals, UPPER brings together organisations representing all key actors of the public transport ecosystem, while ensuring a balanced EU geographical coverage and a representative group of cities

covering a wide spectrum in terms of size, public transport usage, traffic congestion, air pollution, urban access restrictions, mobility services and level of maturity of their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

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