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Turkish and Romanian version of SUMP guidelines ready to download


After the recent publication of the guidelines for sustainable urban mobility plans in Hungarian, there now is a version in Turkish and in Romanian available!

The second edition of the SUMP guidelines was made available in English to cities worldwide in 2019. Ever since then, many national institutions have worked on translations to enable their cities even better to adapt the guidelines into their planning process. 

DT Global has now developed a Turkish version in the context of the "Support to IPA II Transport Sector OP Programming and Policy Promotion on Urban Mobility" contract.
In addition, ICLEI has created a version in Romanian.
As the relevance of sustainable mobility is growing in both countries, the translation will support cities in spreading the know-how and implementing local SUMPs more easily. 

Click here to view and download the Turkish SUMP guidelines and here to view and download the Romanian SUMP guidelines
You will be able to find all future translations of the SUMP guidelines on the Eltis website (click here). 

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[PDF] SUMP Guidelines Romanian

[PDF] SUMP Guidelines Turkish

SUMP cycle in Turkish
SUMP cycle in Turkish