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TRANSFORuM results presented at EESC hearing.


Siegfried Rupprecht presents today key results of the TRANSFORuM project at the EESC hearing "White Paper on Transport: where do we stand?"

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) invited Rupprecht Consult as coordinator of the FP7 project TRANSFORuM to present key findings at a special hearing about the mid-term review of the European Commission's 2011 White Paper on Transport on 6 March 2015. The EESC is interested in knowing (a) which are the success stories of EU's transport policy, (b) which areas failed to achieve the desired results, and (c) as summum bonum which WP actions need to be prioritized from now on.

Because TRANSFORuM has developed <link http: resources library.html>roadmaps and recommendations for the implementation of four key goals of the Transport White Paper, we were invited to report our findings at this hearing. Siegfried Rupprecht delivers this presentation today in the morning session.

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[1] TRANSFORuM Recommendations

[1] TRANSFORuM_Roadmap_Freight

The TRANSFORuM Roadmap on long-distance freight

[1] TRANSFORuM_Roadmap_High-speed-rail

The TRANSFORuM Roadmap on high-speed-rail


The TRANSFORuM Roadmap on multimodal transport infomration, management and payment systems (MIMP)

[1] TRANSFORuM_Roadmap_Urban

The TRANSFORuM Roadmap on clean urban mobility