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SUMP award finalists announced


The European Commission has decided upon the nominees for the Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP award) and the first EU Urban Road Safety Award. Siegfried Rupprecht took part in the decision-making as a jury member.

The two awards strive to recognise and commend the efforts of local authorities contributing significantly to sustainable urban mobility. The SUMP award puts specific focus on the sustainable urban mobility planning process, whereas the Road Safety Award recognises emphasises activities that improve road safety. The theme for both awards this year was "safe walking and cycling". For the SUMP award, Siegfried Rupprecht along with fellow jury members was particularly imposed by the cities of Brussels (Belgium), Kaunas (Lithuania) and Wrocław (Poland). Each city demonstrates excellence in the SUMP process to diverse extents: - In Brussels, a high level of citizen participation and stakeholder outreach as well as an understanding of the city as an ecosystem leads to a clear and policy-driven vision towards a sensible and inclusive SUMP.
- In Kaunas, the progressiveness and detail of the SUMP gives a great example of what is needed to walk the talk and ensure a realistic and successful implementation.
- In Wrocław, the focus on innovation and integration show the importance of citizen engagement and neighbourhood planning as a fundamental component of the SUMP process.The winner of the SUMP award together with the other European Mobility Week awards is going to be pronounced on 30 March 2020. Stay tuned for the results and learn more about SUMP in our recently published 2nd edition of Sustainable Urban Mobility planning below!

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[1] SUMP Guidelines 2nd Edition

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