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Rupprecht Runners successful in HRS Business Run


On August 21, Hana, Tim and Bernard joined 2030 other teams and came in 41st!

The HRS Business Run is Cologne's largest event of its kind. More than 17,000 runners and walkers teamed up to cover a distance of 5.4 km and cross the finish line in Cologne's soccer stadium. Participants and their supporters were then invited to a party.Despite knee problems, Hana finished the round in 28:12, while Bernard scored best with 23:04 and Tim followed after 23:26. The scores of the first three members of a team are added up, thus giving the Rupprecht Runners a total of 1:14:41, which put them on place 41 of 2031. (Numerologists, please note and explain the extraordinary coincidence of all the ones, fours, fourteens, fourty-ones...)Congratulations! Next year, all other team members are invited to join the Rupprecht Runners!

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Hana Peters

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Before and after the run