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New policy recommendations for boosting SUMP take-up in EU cities


A new series of policy recommendations have been launched that give officials working at local, national, and European levels concise suggestions on how to foster the take-up of SUMPs.

These are broken down into five separate areas:

  • See - this relates to developing your SUMP vision.
  • Shape - find advice on how adopt a flexible approach.
  • Grow - ways to deepen and share SUMP knowledge.
  • Engage - getting stakeholders on board with your SUMP ideas.
  • Give - how smart and targeted finance can maximise impact.
These are summarised from the insight gained from various sets of SUMPs-Up results and data, namely the ‘Users’ needs analysis on SUMP take-up’ (2017); the ‘National Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) programmes analysis’ (2018); the ‘Interim result report: city-level SUMP monitoring and impact evaluation’ (2018) and the ‘SUMPs-Up interim report on the project level evaluation’ (2018). Download the summary here and all other reports on the main reports <link http: reports>page.

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[1] SUMPs-Up Policy Recommendations