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Mobility Planet podcast: New episode out now!


Our new episode is the second out of four that are produced within the context of the GECKO project. This time, we look at the challenges of regulating new mobility.

In this episode, we talk about how much regulation is actually needed, who is responsible for setting the rules, what kinds of rules they should be and to what extent we can let the market set its own rules. We also ask the question of enforcement of rules. Do we need the "new mobility police"? For this discussion, our colleague Bonnie brought together a tri-continental group including:  

  • Lewis Chen, from Car Club Pte. in Singapore who was one of the key early developers of car sharing in Asia
  • Gavin Miller, an Enforcement Policy Specialist from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in the UK and
  • Carol Schweiger, the president of Schweiger Consulting and an expert in (among other things) technology strategies for public agencies, public transport technology, and traveller systems information

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Learn more about the GECKO project here.

Podcast cover
Podcast cover