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Europe’s Traffic Snakes met in Cologne


Joint Traffic Snake Game Workshop successfully held at Rupprecht Consult from 10-11 May 2016

In a joint European workshop, the Traffic Snake Game’s National Focal Points successfully presented success stories, shared experiences from their countries and discussed the project’s future. Having spent two inspiring days working together and focusing their plans, the team is looking forward to even more schools playing the game. The Traffic Snake Game (TSG) campaign raises awareness for climate-friendly mobility, helps school children to be more aware of their surroundings, develop road safety skills and improve their ability to anticipate other users of the road by walking and cycling. The TSG project is being implemented in 18 European countries. More than 1.700 schools have played the game already, some of them even more than once. A total of 475 kg CO2 have already been saved by the TSG! German schools can play the game with German snake Zora Zisch. You can register via the game website  <link http: germany> The fifth DECOMM conference on mobility management will take place from 22-23 September in Darmstadt. Meet the German Traffic Snake in an exciting speed dating session! Further information soon to be available <link http: decomm-2016.16.htm>here.

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[1] Traffic Snake Game brochure