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EUROCLIMA+ and MobiliseYourCity webinar on challenges in developing SUMPs in Latin America


As part of our learning programme on SUMPs for Latin American cities, we organised another webinar for the community of practice of EUROCLIMA+ and MobiliseYourCity under the title of “desarrollando planes de movilidad urbana sostenible en Latinoamérica - los retos en el camino” (developing sustainable urban mobility plans in Latin America - challenges along the way) on the 21 of April.

The webinar, more than two hours long, featured three presentations by experts of transport policy and implementation; Professor Tom Rye, teaching at the Norwegian university of Molde, Andy Rufino, sustainable transport and mobility consultant from Peru and Katy Huaylla, sustainable mobility consultant at Rupprecht Consult. In addition, our colleagues Daniel Franco Trujillo and Anouchka Strunden supported the preparation and technological implementation of our event. Bringing together an impressive number of more than 250 participants, we reached a high diversity of people involved in the transport sector from a multitude of cities covering many different countries from the Latin American and Caribbean region.The aim of the webinar was to get more nuanced perspectives on the necessity and the difficulty of implementing SUMPs in the specific contexts of Latin American cities. Tom Rye discussed from a European perspective how relevant and feasible in the SUMP is in the continent’s social-economic urban landscapes. Andy Rufino then zoomed in, with the example of Trujillo, Peru, to present how a secondary city of medium size is approaching matters of data collection, vision creation and other important steps of the SUMP. The webinar also coincided with the finalisation of the translation of the SUMP self-sssessment tool which was introduced by Katy and very well received, as it is accessible, explicit and extremely informative for cities that wish to assess their performance according to the SUMP guidelines. In the end, we are very pleased to see the participants’ interest and attention confirmed this way, the presenters were overwhelmed with further questions and comments. It was a great event in these times of global uncertainty and we are glad to disseminate sustainable mobility concepts and active citizen and stakeholder engagement in this virtual, open-access way!If you are interested, please find the recording of the webinar here <link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>on our YouTube channel! 

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