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Courses on SUMP and FLOW project now available on EIT Urban Mobility Academy


Our friends from EIT Urban Mobility have included input from our work on SUMP and the FLOW project on their new learning platform and the courses are now available for free!

The newly established EIT Urban Mobility academy offers a competence hub for various topics in the broader context of urban mobility. They are planning to create several new courses in the upcoming months aiming to build up a knowledge resource that can be accessed by urban mobility professionals. 

After the successful courses both on SUMP and on the FLOW project on our very own Mobility Academy, we're glad to see new learning resources being created and happy to contribute our knowledge and experience to it!
Content of our (finalised) FLOW-project, which improved and developed tools to reduce congestion with active mobility alternatives, is now published in the course "Active mobility: A paradigm shift at the heart of transport planning" on EIT Urban Mobility's platform. Students learn how transport modelling can support the shift away from purely motorised mobility towards a multimodal approach, reducing congestion levels as well as obtaining many other economic, social and environmental benefits.
Content on SUMPs is now published in the course "Understanding Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)" on the platform. With a general introduction of SUMP, a contextualisation within national, regional and local frameworks and real-life examples, planners are provided with a thorough resource on both theory and practice of SUMPs.

Both courses take between 45 minutes and 4 hours to complete and are accessible for free online. Have a look at them and enrol now: 
Course on active mobility
Course on SUMP

We're looking forward to our further collaboration with EIT Urban Mobility!

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Screenshot from EIT Urban Mobility website
Screenshot from EIT Urban Mobility website