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2nd stakeholder forum on e-mobility in Rostock


More than forty stakeholders came together to fine-tune the action plan for Rostock’s e-mobility strategy 2030

Rupprecht Consult is working as an external consultant with the City of Rostock to develop an electric mobility strategy for the city. This is based both on a 2011 resolution of Rostock's city parliament to establish an action plan for e-mobility as well as the necessity to work out an integrated intermodal e-mobility concept for the EU project ELMOS. In July 2014, the first forum was held in order to develop project ideas ranging across five different fields of actions: intermodality and e-mobility, e-mobility in companies and the service sector, e-sharing offers in Rostock and its region, e-mobility within the local authority and e-mobility in tourism. Now, in November 2014 the 2nd forum brought again together a diverse set of local actors in order to follow up on the first forum and further elaborate on these ideas and agree on measures for each thematic area. Representatives from such different organisations as Rostock’s city administration, the mobility coordinator and public utility company but also private companies and research institutions attended the forum. They all showed great interest in strengthening the role of electric mobility in the city and the region. There were discussions revolving around how to best bring more electric cars and pedelecs on the road and how to strengthen collaborations with car sharing providers. With respect to tourism, e-mobility concepts for the Seebad Warnemünde, one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, were discussed to allow for an environmentally more sustainable form of recreation on the Baltic Sea. Also, it was agreed upon the idea to strengthen pedelec and car sharing systems in order to make the combined use of different modes a more viable option and reduce the city’s CO2 emissions. The results of the forum will now be documented by Rupprecht Consult in order to put up an electro mobility action plan and finalize the project until December 2014.

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