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2nd, 3rd and 4th SINTRAS workshop held in Berlin, London and Madrid


Invited stakeholders from all over Europe discussed key barriers towards a single and innovative European Transport System - and ideas to overcome these.

The three consultation days in Berlin, London and Madrid followed the first workshop that was already held in Warsaw earlier in June. Stakeholders were invited specifically for their experience and expertise in the five “focus areas" of the SINTRAS study:
  1. Connected driving & automation of transport, & use of automated optimisation of traffic flows;
  2. Transformation of infrastructure to address connectivity, resilience, new fuels and energy efficiency;
  3. Smart mobility services (incl. provision and use of data, and urban mobility), freight and logistics;
  4. Standardisation and interoperability;
  5. Alternative fuels other than electrification.
The stakeholders discussed barriers, which the preceding desk research has revealed. They were, of course, also invited to articulate additional barriers and – most importantly – to brainstorm about effective ways to tackle them. An average of 10, mostly regional, stakeholders followed our invitation and represented the private sector, policy makers, transport operators, research organisations and others.A final consultation day will take place in Helsinki in late August.BACKGROUND:Rupprecht Consult is a core partner in the <link http: _self>SINTRAS consortium, which is developing evidence-based and stakeholder-driven recommendations towards a single and innovative European Transport System. More specifically, it is leading “task 2” within this project, which revolves around a series of five “consultation days” in five different European cities (Warsaw, Berlin, London, Madrid, Helsinki) to elicit the views of practitioners, regulators, NGOs, industry representatives etc. about the reasons why Europe has not yet fully achieved a single and innovative transport system.The results of this project will directly feed into the European Commission’s STRIA initiative, the “Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda”, which is envisaged as a new generation of transport policy within the Commission’s “Energy Union's Integrated Research, Innovation & Competitiveness Strategy”.

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