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Is your mobility plan an "SUMP"?

Rupprecht Consult introduce an SUMP Quality Certificate

In their "Urban Mobility Package" (COM (2013) 913 of 17 Dec 2013) the European Commission calls for a broad uptake of best practises in urban mobility planning and endorses the concept for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) as a guidance for cities in Europe. These guidelines have been developed within the ELTIS Plus contract by Rupprecht Consult and are based on an intensive consultation process with practitioners.


However, a city drafting an SUMP needs to ensure that their plan is in compliance with the European guidance. This is especially important because the availability of a valid SUMP is expected to play an important role in receiving support from funding institutions in the future.


Accordingly, the Urban Mobility Package concludes (Annex 1) that “Local Planning Authorities should have mechanisms to ensure the quality and validate compliance of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan with the requirements of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan concept.”


Therefore, Rupprecht Consult is now offering to undertake an independent quality review of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. This review includes the planning process as well as the final SUMP documents; its result is an SUMP Quality Certificate.

Meet the European Commission’s SUMP quality criteria

Rupprecht Consult's SUMP quality label certifies that a city's SUMP meets the quality criteria as defined in the SUMP Guidelines and as adopted by the European Commission. These criteria are:


We have defined a clear set of criteria as a transparent and clear reference to determine the quality of an SUMP. Ccurrently we are working with cities, for example with Vienna, to fine-tune our quality label and we will soon offer our quality assurance services.

Be among the first cities to receive the SUMP Quality Certificate

If you are interested to be among the first cities to receive the independent SUMP Quality Certificate, you are invited to


More information

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